Blackout curtains and blinds encourage high quality sleep for children

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Whether it is blackout roman blinds, curtains or roller blinds - Blackout blinds or curtains in a child’s bedroom can make a huge difference to their sleep.

Blackout window treatments help stop little ones waking when it’s light outside the nursery in the evening and rising with the sun. Creating a bedroom free of light prepares the brain and body for sleep. By encouraging the natural body clock, your children and toddlers can get a good night’s sleep. Children and adults alike need darkness at night to get high quality restfully sleep so they can make the most of the day ahead.

As well as this, there are a number of reasons more parents are choosing blackout blinds and curtains:

Better Temperature

The materials and fabrics used in our blackout curtains and blinds help regulate the bedroom temperature so you can keep your little ones cool on hot summer nights and warm in mid winter. Our curtains and blinds help maintain an ideal temperature so your children can stay comfortable and relaxed throughout the year.

Lower Energy Bills

Our blackout blinds and curtains help prevent you wasting money on heating or cooling your bedrooms unnecessarily. They help stop drafts from windows, prevent loss of warmth and reflect outside heat. They support a more efficient, environmentally friendly home and a lower carbon footprint.

Less Noise

Our blackout blinds ands curtains are made with materials that reduce the amount of noise that gets in to your bedroom. So when it’s bedtime, your children can enjoy a quieter environment to encourage them to drift off to peaceful sleep uninterrupted.

Increased Privacy 

As well as blocking light from getting into a room, our blackout curtains and blinds prevent any light inside being seen by anyone outside. Not even shadows can be seen so your family can enjoy full privacy.

All our blackout curtains and blinds are made using fully tested materials and techniques to achieve the best results for your family. There is no need to compromise on style – all our blinds and curtains are perfectly made to measure just for you. Roman, roller blinds and curtains are all available in your chosen styles and fabrics made just for you. We’ll help you find your perfect match for your home décor and style.

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